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Affinity Art Gallery

Affinity Art Gallery

On December 12, 2009, we opened a new public art gallery called the Affinity Art Gallery.  So why would a church do this?  Why are we doing this?  It all ties into the purpose and values that God has given our church.

Why An Art Gallery? It’s all about KCC’s vision. First, we are called to be missional: we’re called to live our lives like missionaries. Everything we own, including our building is meant to be used as tools to win the lost and bring the Kingdom of God to the Triad. Second, we are called to do everything creatively, in new ways, doing things ‘‘outside the box’’ in order to reach the lost. Third, it has been prophesied that KCC will be a creative arts center—a place where artists gather, get saved, get healed, grow in their gifting and use their artistic abilities to glorify God. Fourth, we are also called to reach non-artists—the everyday folks who live and work at that site in the Triad and desperately need Jesus. We have such a tremendous opportunity to use the beautiful building God has given us to reach the lost!

We are converting our hallways into a public art gallery out of obedience to the prophetic words over KCC, and in order to put action to the vision of KCC. We also are called to actually help people, even if they don’t get saved, we are still called to bless the people in our communities. We do not take any cut of art sales, so it really is a way to tangibly bless people with no strings attached. Ultimately we hope to be so Christ-like in this whole thing that the lost—artists and non-artists—are made open to the Gospel. No one has ever done this before, so it’s going to reach people that have never been reached before.

Fundamentally, this is not about art. It’s about us being the people of God and thereby coming up with new ideas to reach people, new ways of using our building to advance God’s Kingdom, and new creative ways to tangibly give to our community.

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