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Easter 2011: Stories of Redemption

stories of redemption
The Bible is the greatest story of redemption ever told.  It’s the story of how God’s greatest creation rebelled against Him.  Instead of allowing them to reap the wrathful reward of their rebellion, He came among them to suffer the justice that was due them Himself, in their place.

He died the death we should have died.

But the story doesn’t end there!  Jesus rose again, conquering our enemies of Satan, sin, and hell.  He gave us His life, His righteous place in the family of God.

He brought us into the story. Whether Rebel or Redeemed, each one of us is living in this story of redemption.  Jesus has written us into the plot.

On Easter 2011, we will be sharing our stories.  We will have testimonies, testimonies, and more testimonies.  We will worship our King Jesus for who He is and what He has done.  We will celebrate His miraculous resurrection and the redemption that it wrought.

Join us on Sunday, April 24 2011 to enter the story and celebrate the hope that there we have in Christ.

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