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How He Loves Us

Betrayal.  It’s an ugly word.  But it’s a word with which every human being is well acquainted.  We’ve all experienced it to varying degrees and one thing is for sure, we will experience it again if we linger on this earth for long.  All of us have given our trust and vulnerability to someone else only to have it abused or used against us.

Our fight-or-flight response to survive in those moments can linger for years.  Either the desire for revenge and justice or to escape and never trust again can stay with us for our entire lives.  It’s as though we keep reliving that betryal over and over again like a CD that’s stuck in a loop.  Maybe there are new faces and new locations but the story is the same.  We keep fighting (or running away from) old enemies and old battles that seem to creep into every new relationship.

Jesus knows betrayal too. In fact, He knows it better and more deeply than any of us.

All of us, through sin, have done the ultimate betrayal.  We didn’t just betray a man or a woman.  We didn’t just throw our small betrayal into some fathomless collection of all humanity’s sins where if added up are a big deal.  Like a single nameless drop of rain in a vast ocean.  Every sin is like a blow of the executioners scourge across His back.  Every sinful act like the betrayal of Judas.

How did Jesus react?  Fight or flight?  Revenge?  Withdrawal?  He was within His right to destroy me.  If not destroy me, just ignore me.  Let me have my own way.

But, He didn’t.  He drew near.  He died for me, became my sin in my place.  And He did all of it willingly and without remorse.  Instead of “fight”, He forgave.  Instead of “flight”, He drew near.

For the last two weeks we’ve been talking about marriages and relationships.  None of this works if we don’t see how great the love of Jesus is for us.  He is the only way to escape the constant regurgitation of past and present betrayal.

Let this song minister to you.  It’s called “How He Loves Us” by Kim Walker. It’s a powerful song (especially around 3:00) that reminds us that the love of Jesus eclipses everything else.


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