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Connect with MemberHub

Connect with MemberHub

We want to build KCC in such a way that everyone is able to easily find a connection to the community.  We want to make it simple and easy for you to get involved, meet people, and get the information that you need to stay that way.

That is what MemberHub is all about.

MemberHub is not a Christian Facebook.  It’s not Twitter for Jesus.  There are no status updates, friend lists, follower counts, etc.  MemberHub is a group communication tool.  As a member of a hub you will benefit from having a single place where you can connect with other members of your church groups (hubs) in a private and secure online environment.

Benefits to You

  • Easy, opt-in email. If you are a member of a hub, you will be able to receive emails concerning that hub.  This will allow KCC to only email you if it pertains to a hub you are a member of.  No more email blasts from the church about things that you are not interested in!
  • Combined Calendar. If you are a member of multiple groups, you are going to love this feature!  Your personal calendar in MemberHub will pull in all of the events from all of the groups you are associated with into one calendar.  This means that all of your serving schedules and group events across the entire church will show on one calendar, in one convenient place.  If you already use a calendaring program, you can import your MemberHub calendar in WebCAL format easily.
  • Text Messaging. If you include your mobile number in your profile, the Admin of your hubs will be able to send text messages with short announcements and important updates, just like the emails.  This means that you can stay in the loop, even with last minute updates and schedule changes.  (If you do not want this feature, you can easily turn it off.)
  • Discussion Boards. Your hub can carry on discussions online that are private and secure.  This is a great way to keep the relationships going between small group meetings and Sunday services as well as a great forum for asking questions about your ministry and sharing ideas with your fellow group members.
  • Photo Gallery.  Have pictures from a recent group activity that you’d like to share?  You can do that privately in your hub.  You can also post pictures of yourself and your family in your profile so that people can put a face to the name.  A great way for guests and new members to get acquainted!
  • Member Directory. Right now, our church directory gets updated about once a year.  It’s also expensive to print all those hard copies.  Not to mention all the work that goes into getting updated contact info from everyone.  Now it’s all in MemberHub and easily printable for those that still like to keep a hard copy stuck to their fridge.
  • Newcomers Connected. Now it will be easy for a newcomer to get a look at what’s happening in KCC and how to get involved.  Want to join a small group?  Click a button and you are immediately in touch.  Want to get in on the next KCC 101 class?  It’s a click away.
  • Ministry Opportunities. Instead of waiting to be asked, or going through the church office, now you can get connected to every ministry in the church directly.  No more bottlenecks!

Getting Started

If you want to know more before taking a test drive, visit this Getting Started User Guide.  There is a walkthrough video and detailed instructions if you need them.  One of the reasons we chose MemberHub is it’s simplicity and intuitive interface.  We don’t think you will have any trouble, but if you do there is plenty of help to be had.

If you’re ready to jump in, here’s how:

  1. Create a MemberHub account and become a member of the “Everyone” hub.  Click here to do that. (If this is your first time logging in, you will need to enter your email address, leave the password field blank, and check the “I need a MemberHub account” button.)
  2. Once you are in, make sure that you are a member of the “Everyone” hub by looking for it under the Hub Listing in your Dashboard. (Here is a screenshot if you’re lost).  If you are not a member of that hub yet, do that here.
  3. Check your profile and make sure that the mailing address, phone, email, and mobile numbers are correct.  Make sure that you have enabled text messaging, unless you don’t want to make use of that feature.
  4. That’s it!  Feel free to explore and join any other hubs that represent groups you are currently in, or would like to be.

Hub Listing

Here is a complete list of all the hubs, with links to each:

Loading hubs…
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