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Revolutionary Love

Revolutionary Love

We want to do nothing short of start a movement.  This is what Jesus did.

One of the main ways that He did it was through living in a way that was attractive to outsiders by meeting people’s needs directly.  He paid attention to the people around Him closely and perceived their needs.  He touched broken people in the place where they were broken.  This is what the Revolutionary Love campaign is all about.  It’s about learning to live like Jesus by simply loving people.

Love someone practically.  Leave them the card.  Simple.

Our hope is that as we do this 3 things will happen:

  1. The heart of Jesus will be demonstrated.
  2. Open doors to the message of Jesus will be created where none existed before
  3. Our culture’s perspective on Christianity will be positively impacted


If you have a Revolutionary story to tell, leave it in the comments.  Whether you gave a card, or received a card we want to hear the story!

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19 Responses to “Revolutionary Love”

  1. Mowery Family says:

    We got bus passes and put them in white envelopes with a revolutionary love card in it and taped them to a bus stop sign!

  2. Ben Cotten says:

    We went out to Triad Park to give away free water. We found the place pretty much deserted. Heather had the great idea to go over to The Farmer’s Market.

    We got over there and it was packed with hot and thirsty people. We gave several cases of water to shoppers as well as workers in the booths and had a blast!

    Aside from the obvious, for me the cool thing was bringing my kids along. I had Owen and Kaitlyn with me. I told them that they had to give a card to every person that I gave a water bottle. At first, Kaitlyn was REALLY nervous. She said that she couldn’t do it after her first try. I kept pushing her and encouraging her.

    By the time we were finished she was a little evangelist! Talking to people and giving out the cards. I think she was actually disappointed when the water was gone.

    That’s a priceless lesson and I’m really looking forward to doing it again.

  3. Stacks says:

    We went to the McDonald’s in Walkertown, went inside bought a gift card and gave it to a lady in line next to me. She asked if it was a pay it foreward thing and I gave her the card. She read it and gave me a big hug. I went to get my drink and she was letting the cashier read the card. Just so happened that the manager had checked me out and I could hear him telling the staff in the back.

  4. Charlie Angel says:

    I went to Sonic in K’ville and paid for the car behinds me’s order and had the cashier give them a card, Don’t know what happened but the cashier thought it was interesting!

  5. Elswick Family says:

    We went to the Lowes grocery store next to our house and purchased a $10 gift card. We then asked the cashier (Jonathan) if he wanted to have some fun. We told him that in the next 30 minutes, someone would come through his line that looked like they could use a “blessing” and he could hand them the gift card (with Revolutionary Card inserted). He grinned and said that would be really cool and thanked us. Nikki was standing to the next lady in line and she was grinning ear-to-ear. She could hear the exchange between us and the cashier and she gave us a huge smile. We don’t know who ended up getting the card but we trust that God placed the proper person upon Jonathan’s heart.

  6. IanMaddox says:

    Our church gave away Thanksgiving baskets last year to a Section 8 apartment complex in Raleigh. We brought Ian with us and he really enjoyed it. Our family had our own section to go to and we were able to lay hands on and pray for several single mothers and elderly. It was wonderful! I enjoyed every second of it. We drove Chris’ two door car at the time and it wouldn’t start. It was great! They probably thought we lived there too :) :)

    Also, once I was in line at Starbucks and the person in front of me bought my order for me. It was like God was saying, “Hey, I”m here and I love you, enjoy your Starbucks :)”

  7. Joseph says:

    We went over to the Target in Kernersville and bought a Target gift card. On the card’s envelope, we wrote “Open me…” then on the card itself, we wrote, “To: Whoever finds this, From: A heart of love”. Once they open the gift card, it tells how much the card is worth and has a Revolutionary Love card inside. We placed the envelope inside a certain piece of merchandise, which I won’t disclose here!

    If you happen to be shopping at Target, you might find that card!

    • Julie R says:

      I’m looking for an old friend name Joseph. Might you know him? He lives in Kernersville.

      Anyway, what you did was really great. I wonder who will find the card.

  8. Julie says:

    I went to a yard sale with a few friends from church a couple weekends ago and spoke with a lady who told me her home was a foster house. She had a few foster children in her home right now and had adopted some in the past. She has been on my heart ever since! Me and Kris grabbed some groceries out of the food pantry and went on a hunt to find her house. They weren’t home so we just left the bags on her porch with a revolutionary card.

    Maybe she will post ;)

    • Ben Cotten says:

      Awesome! I wonder if there are some other things we can do to help this family. Maybe we could get the whole church to do something for them together. Any ideas?

      • Julie says:

        YES! I was actually going to talk to you about this.. I wrote her address down so I could write her. We could see if she needs yard work done maybe? Or collect some clothes? I could even write her and just ask her if she needs any help with anything ? I dont know. What do you think?

  9. Denny & Priscilla says:

    The storms that came through last night broke a very large tree branch that fell across a neighbor’s driveway. Priscilla saw the lady who lived there trying to cut small branches off of it to remove it from the driveway. This branch was huge! She came home and asked Denny to go up there to see if the lady needed help. His first reaction was “how do I get out of this”. Well, going to KCC and being married to Priscilla, there was no way. To make this story short, Denny went up there and spent a little time with a chain saw cutting up the branch and stacking it by the road. The lady’s husband has a heart condition and she’s fairly elderly herself. Even though Denny had to threaten to leave if she didn’t go back in the house and let him take care of it, we’re grateful that God gave us this chance to do something for someone.

  10. Cheryl says:

    Julie and I went through McDonalds and paid the tab for the guy behind us. He was quite happy and waved at us. We get a big kick watching people’s reactions to the Revolutionary Love cards and a free meal.

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