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The Sacred Fence

The Sacred Fence

Use your imagination with me for a moment. Imagine a rustic, beautiful camp located in the middle of a great but darkened city. Surrounding this camp is a very old, very rusty barbed wire fence. Prowling around the outside perimeter of this fence is a toothless lion. Menacing for sure, but ultimately unable to inflict real damage. In this camp are people that stand looking at the city, longing to go into it and brighten it.

We are the camp and the world to which we are called is the city. The fence that we have built is the false line between sacred and secular. This fence was built a long time ago from fear of the lion. We think the fence keeps the lion out. But the lion knows that the fence is actually keeping us in. It’s a guilded cage of our own design. He knows he has no bite, so his only game is to keep us happy inside the fence line.

We think that “sacred” is what happens inside the fence. It’s what we do on Sunday, in our building, with other Christians. It’s safe, familiar, and cozy. We think that “secular” is all the stuff that happens in the city. Art, music, work, play, business, pleasure, etc. are all things that happen outside the fence. We protect ourselves by keeping the secular out, and the sacred in.

We have become like those that built the tower of Babel, rebelling against the cultural mandate of Genesis 1:28-30 by hoarding together to build an empire that reaches heaven on our own terms. Much like ourselves, the builders of Babel were wasting their ingenuity and dominion authority on building a monument to themselves instead of scattering over the earth to subdue it and multiply in it.

We were sent out as explorers and soon became refugees in a refugee camp of our own making.

God is tearing down the fence.

This is a scary proposition. It’s scary because we don’t know what life is like without a fence. We simply cannot imagine it. We’ve lived so long with the fence that the very idea of those boundaries falling away is disturbing. What if the lion gets in? What will happen if we venture into the city? What will happen if the city ventures into our camp? How will we know who belongs in the camp and who belongs in the city?

God is tearing down the fence.

He’s calling us to become pioneers and explorers once again. We must lose our odd compartmentalized conceptions of what is sacred and what is secular and begin to see the world as God does.

The city is calling our name.

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One Response to “The Sacred Fence”

  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

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