Kernersville Community Church
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Typical Order of Service

Typical Order of Service

We believe wholeheartedly in guarding freedom and spontaneity in our worship gatherings.  We don’t want to assume that all of our plans are the best plans, or even God’s plans.  So we want to leave room for our plans to change, even at the last minute.

That being said, we also believe in doing things with excellence and in order.  Our typical order of service for a Sunday morning gathering goes something like this:

10:00 – Sermon – children are in Sunday school during this time

10:30 – Response – varies… small group discussion, prayer ministry (for those that desire it), fellowship – children return for worship.  We also take communion every other week during this time.

11:00 – worship through music

12:00 – fellowship and going home

This us how things usually go, but the times are often a little different depending on what’s happening.  We do try very diligently to close by noon so that you can spend the rest of your Sunday resting and enjoying friends and family.

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