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When the Music is Taken Away

When the Music is Taken Away
Jessica is the worship leader at KCC.  Thanks to her for praying for us and being willing to share her thoughts on what God is doing at KCC this summer here on the website.

I’m so grateful right now that worship is not all about songs.

And I’m so grateful that God isn’t limited to being lifted up through singing to Him.
I do miss it, though. I miss singing songs with my friends to God every Sunday.   Don’t you?

That being said, it’s more important to me to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit than it is to have things done the way I want them.  And in His love and sovereignty, He has taken away our music for a while.   I praise Him for it; He knows what He’s doing and it is for our good.

I wanted to write something to encourage us about what to do during this time.   For some strange reason that I’ll never understand but I’m learning to fully embrace, God has me overseeing the worship at KCC.   So I think He speaks to me about it, and I think He gives me His burden for it.

I’d love to share with you some things He’s put in my heart about this time of doing church differently, and doing it without corporate worship.   Now, I have my ideas and opinions, but they’re just ideas and opinions and time will tell what He’s accomplishing in the spirit.   For now, I just have some practical things that I think He’s prompting us to think about, and they are to lead us to magnify Him more, make Him famous in our lives, and learn to love Him more – which is worship.   Alright, here it is…

  1. Is my life about putting God first? Do I have a passion to see His Kingdom come down on this earth, no matter the cost to my comfort level and “expertise”?
  2. Is my life about loving and serving others? He’s making this a lifestyle for Joseph and I right now.  He’s teaching us to break our bubble and to sacrifice our lives for the sake of others and for the sake of Jesus being number one in our neighborhood, family, and in the places we frequent.  Don’t stay stagnant during this time.   We are called to reach our world.  What are you doing to reach your world?  Are you loving your neighbors? Are you, metaphorically speaking, washing others’ feet?  This is worship.   It’s more than a song, and God loves the sound of it.
  3. Am I praying for the leadership of KCC during this time? They have a big responsibility God has entrusted them with. Am I praying that God blesses them and speaks to them, or am I having a stinky attitude and assuming the worst about everything they do or don’t do?  Whoa.   Tough stuff.   God, help us.
  4. Am I wanting God to break my heart for people “outside”? Am I pursuing God’s heart for the lost and needy, or am I just waiting for this season to be over?   Is church just about doing something for me, or is church about being the hands and feet of Christ to those outside the family?  Again, a tough question, but I have to face the facts.
  5. Am I able to worship God on my own or with my family? This is a great time to build our worshipping muscles without a trainer (a trainer, in a sense, being me and the worship team.  But the true Trainer, the Holy Spirit, is always with you. Is that a cheesy way of describing Him???).  Anyways, put in worship CD’s at your house, or while you’re in the car, or while you’re at work.   Get together at each other’s houses and worship God together. Meet at a park and worship together.   Not out of rebellion against the lack of worship at our church on Sundays, but out of wanting to know God and of wanting to love Him more! Step it up a notch.
  6. Am I asking God what He’s up to? One of my favorite things about God is that He speaks to us.  So, what’s He saying to you?  What’s He doing in you?  What’s He saying to our church right now?

That’s a great place to end this post. I’d love to hear your comments about what God is saying to you and doing in you in regard to this season in our church life. When the music is taken away, what is God up to?

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One Response to “When the Music is Taken Away”

  1. Priscilla says:

    I have always wondered what it would be like to come together on a Sunday morning and have no music. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE our corporate worship time – singing together to the Lord. But at times, I’ve thought “even corporate worship” can become an idol, something done because we’ve always done it, or something done out of habit – not from a heart bursting with thankfulness simply because of who He is.

    I’m thankful for this period. It has made me stop and think about how and why we do “church” and I wonder and pray, God change our hearts, because without heart surgery, we will shrivel up and die and He wants to give life to us and those who don’t know Him.

    Thanks Jessica for praying for us and for your leadership at KCC and for your willingness to step outside the norm.

    P.S. I’ve also been wondering what it would be like to meet corporately and be absolutely quiet. No singing, no message. Umm – maybe – just maybe – we’ll be so quiet and have no agenda the HS will have room to move.

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