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Worship is for the Broken

Worship is for the Broken

Sunday morning. 10:10 am. The air is thick with hesitancy. But what are we to do? Our hearts are heavy. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We have battled all week, and we have the scars to prove it. We have fought sin and darkness head on day after day. Some of us have won a few of the battles. Most of us have lost many of them. We have lusted, we have hated, we have lied, we have given up. We have cried over our guilt, and sighed over the things we can not change. We have been separated from our loved ones, and we ache over the loss. We are stressed about our debts, and it robs us of sleep and clear thinking. We are weary. But the music plays on, and…

We remember. We remember we belong to God, our Father in heaven. We remember that He cares. We remember Jesus, who died to cast off our guilt, our shame, and the weight we have carried of running our own lives. We remember that since He cut Himself, we donʼt have to. We remember that His death has given us the ability to hope again. Belonging to God means we are going to be ok. It means safety, it means promise, it means security, it means family. Life may bruise us, but we live on through Christ, our debt-payer, our soul-restorer. We remember that He has given us the ability to choose – today, tomorrow, every day – to believe Him or to ignore Him. But when we think of His kindness, how can we ignore Him?

And so the hesitancy in the air starts to dissipate. We lift our eyes and our voices up, up, up and off of ourselves and onto our Savior. We pour out our songs. They are full of grief, full of thanks, full of brokenness, full of joy and hope, full of reverence, full of need. We donʼt hold back, because we remember that we can be real with Him.

The music is the backdrop for our conversation with God. We hurt, but we desire Him. We have questions, but we need Him. So we pour it all out to Him. He loves it. He answers with gentleness and with strength.

And we remember… Worship is for the needy, the broken, the forgiven sons and daughters to their Maker and Sustainer. We have seen Him. And He loves us. How can we not sing to Him?

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5 Responses to “Worship is for the Broken”

  1. Dora May says:

    Love it sister and friend. I so understand. Hard day today but I know that my King is sitting on the throne and is totally in charge. Love you and love what God is doing. Go God Go Go God Go. All praises and honor and Glory to our wonderful wonderful Father.

  2. Jennifer Carroll says:

    This is beautiful… I loved it & I love you dear sister :D

  3. Jeanna Evans says:

    Love your honesty and transparency – this is precious and so timely for me. God has always used worship to minister to me – it breaks me when my heart is hard, it encourages me to press on when I don’t feel like it, and it satisfies my soul when I don’t have the words to express my love for Him. Thank you for sharing this – and for reminding me that His love has set me free to worship Him!

  4. Denny & Priscilla says:

    Hey Jessica

    If we could only grasp what grace means and what we have received by way of it, then I think we ‘d never cease to rejoice and worship without reservation. It is enough that He has saved me! I will worship because of who He is and what He has done. Period.

  5. Ben Cotten says:

    This makes me wonder how much easier my spiritual life would be if I would run to God in worship during difficulty instead of running to my own solutions, my own ideas.

    The Devil loves to make the object of our worship something other than God Himself. I think maybe the worst idol of all is the idol of self pity. Nothing kills my worship faster than feeling sorry for myself.

    Thanks, Jessica. Great article.

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